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Letsknowtech (letsknowtech.com) is created for the purpose of sharing real word solutions for technology related problems and technology updates.
Letsknowtech team consist of many well known tech experts from all over the world. The team shares only tested and accurate information and hold the responsibility of it. All the technology related articles shared are tested and proven.
Letsknowtech has an aim of having a much knowledgeable community in the future. As the technology changes, People need to be educated about the good practices to ensure a secure environment. Letsknowtech promises to provide all information related to technology for all individuals and whole as a community.
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I’m Ansak Mahir from Sri Lanka. Technology enthusiast from a young age. Currently an undergraduate of BSC in Software Engineering (Kingston UK) and BSC (hons) in Information Technology & Management (University of Moratuwa). I love blogging and spreading the knowledge in a unique perspective. I’m also  a reputed freelancer for web design and development

Rishad is a software engineer with a passion for web development. He has been working as a freelancer for the past 3 years, helping businesses and individuals create professional and functional websites. He is an undergraduate student of BSC in Software Engineering (Kingston UK). Rishad’s expertise lies in JavaScript/PHP/Wordpress/React/Django/Python, and he is constantly learning and updating his skills to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in web development.

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