7 Benefits of Woocommerce Shops Over Traditional Ecommerce Platforms

The way ecommerce businesses create and run their web-based shops has evolved significantly over the years. Traditional ecommerce platforms have been in use since at least the mid-1990s, but many businesses have begun switching to Woocommerce shops in recent years thanks to the unique benefits that platform offers to the user experience of both customers and business owners alike.

Whether you’re new to the world of online shopping or you’ve been selling products online for decades, it’s worth taking some time to research this powerful platform and its numerous benefits that make it an ideal choice compared to more traditional solutions.

1) Benefit of Woocommerce shop #1 – Rapid Growth

Developing an eCommerce site is always going to be a big undertaking, but having a solid infrastructure behind you helps. With many plug-ins available for your Woocommerce shop, you can easily add features and options that will grow with your business.

If you want to develop new features for an existing website or apply for an entirely new product, it’s easy to do with Woo Commerce and its constantly expanding ecosystem. Additionally, there are hundreds of talented freelance developers that specialize in online stores; they have created some truly beautiful themes and plugins just waiting to be integrated into your site—whether it’s minimalistic design or a stunning high-end web experience.

2) Benefit of Woocommerce shop #2 – Easy Management

When you have a normal e-commerce platform, it can be quite a burden to go from one page to another in order to make changes. But when you have a WooCommerce shop, everything is in your dashboard and you can easily track any changes that need to be made. Some even automatically update when there is new information available.

These features include: real-time shipping quotes, order tracking and monitoring customer purchase history. This makes managing your shop much easier because there’s no searching for every aspect of your store on a different page or website, making it easier for customers as well. Just click around in your dashboard and see all aspects of running an online store in one place!

3) Benefit of Woocommerce shop #3 – Highly Customizable

You can select a format that suits your business. You can choose an eCommerce theme or you can customize it with CSS if you have basic coding skills. Also, there are various plugins available for free on WordPress which can help to integrate your Woocommerce shop with popular software like MailChimp and Google Analytics. This allows you to collect customers’ data and use analytics software to track conversion rates, sales revenue, social media referral and much more.

If you are a beginner and still not don’t have an idea about designing the Woocommerce website, you can hire best freelancers for this task. Mixart71 is one of the best freelancer to checkout for any needs from creating to making any changes to your Woocommerce website.

4) Benefit of Woocommerce shop #4 – Exclusively Designed Templates

When you shop on a WordPress site, you’re probably used to seeing default templates. However, there is an array of awesome e-commerce themes available for wordpress users. As someone who has never set up an e-commerce store before, it can be hard to know where to start in choosing a great theme.

Luckily for you, there are woocommerce shops (WordPress plugins) that allow you to choose from pre-made styles for your online store! With these platforms, making your website live online is as easy as signing up and filling out your product description and pricing. Themes are set up already so all you have to do is get started! That’s one less thing you have to worry about!

5) Benefit of Woocommerce shop #5 – Loyalty Programs

Keeping customers is one of the top goals for most businesses. Why not give your customers an added incentive to stick around? Creating a loyalty program can encourage customers to return, purchase more items and spread positive reviews across their social networks. The bottom line? Your brand will be viewed in a much more positive light among consumers, who may then choose to spend more money with you in order to redeem points.

In addition, word-of-mouth referrals will likely increase as well! Imagine being able to offer free products or discounts on future purchases. Any kind of loyalty program can be integrated with your Woocommerce shop easily. Plus, it’s worth noting that some platforms like Shopify even offer customizable marketing tools that help promote offers and coupons that are delivered through email campaigns or through Facebook ads.

6) Benefit of Woocommerce shop #6 – Reputation as an Authority Site

If you want to create a top-notch ecommerce website, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can build on top of an existing WordPress platform like Woocommerce and gain all its advantages. Users will trust your site because it has a solid infrastructure, great support and millions of users, who are regular customers for many websites that use Woocommerce.

This allows them to get their shopping done faster by already being familiar with some aspects of your site (which is always a good thing). This also gives them more confidence in buying your products or services and eliminates any hesitation they might have regarding trust issues. As you’re working on converting visitors into customers, it’s essential that they feel at ease when making purchases on your store.

7) Benefit #7 – Simple Checkout Process
Checkout is an often overlooked aspect of eCommerce. It’s too easy to just place a button on your website and call it a day, but consider that it’s quite possibly one of, if not THE most important step in your user’s journey. If they can’t complete checkout, they can’t buy your product.

One great thing about Woocommerce shops is how easily customizable their checkout process is! By adjusting things like payment gateways, buttons and even shopping carts, you can optimize your users’ experience to increase conversion rates – which means more sales for you!

You can add any payment gateways such as PayPal, stripe, BTC and etc. to your Woocommerce website. If you need assistance for integrating the payment gateways, message this reputed fiverr seller for your WordPress payment integration.

I’m Ansak Mahir from Sri Lanka. Technology enthusiast from a young age. Currently an undergraduate of BSC in Software Engineering (Kingston UK) and BSC (hons) in Information Technology & Management (University of Moratuwa). I love blogging and spreading the knowledge in a unique perspective. I’m also  a reputed freelancer for web design and development

Ansak Mahir

I'm Ansak Mahir from Sri Lanka. Technology enthusiast from a young age. Currently an undergraduate of BSC in Software Engineering (Kingston UK) and BSC (hons) in Information Technology & Management (University of Moratuwa). I love blogging and spreading the knowledge in a unique perspective. I'm also  a reputed freelancer for web design and development

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